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Anne-Sophie Leens is an experienced and versatile graphic designer, a results-focused UX / UI designer and a VJ.

Anne-Sophie has worked on projects for the following sectors: arts & culture, music & entertainment, media & content-based website, retail, online travel, hospitality, education, NGOs, jobs, telecommunications, data analysis, banking, online trading, automobile, insurance, property and location-based services.

She's also a  member of A$CII DAGGER, an apocalyptic punk rap crew from Cape Town (South Africa) for which she creates bespoke graphic designs and VJ visuals that interpret and enhance the music she is performing to. 

She currently works as a Senior User Experience and User Interface Designer at

Jobat / Mediahuis in Antwerpen. 

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First single and music video release: A$CII DAGGER / Objects in the Mirror


Group show: Goe Bezig x Transit :: Art & Music :: (5/10/18)


Group show: Grand Opening at Tous Les Jours, Paris

JUNE - JULY 2018

Tour: DOOKOOM tour, France & Germany


Tour: DOOKOOM residency + tour, France (new live show)

MARCH  2018

Album release: DOOKOOM / RIFFAK


DePaul University - Chicago, USA: 

Workshop: Experimental Graphics and Intro to VJing

Talk: What happens when you’re not afraid of trying something new

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