DESIGN  |   2010 - ONGOING

Ghetto Dubs EP cover, released 1 September 2010 on Pioneer Unit Records.

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Pure Solid is Dplanet (audio) and spo0ky (visuals). Together they create an intense audio-visual assault on the senses.

Dplanet describes their music as ‘Robot Army Dub’. It is rooted in the militant cultures of reggae and hip hop, and has influences of a variety of rebellious ‘soundsystem’ music including grime, techno, trap, dub and electro.

spo0ky creates bespoke graphic design and video treatments that interpret and enhance the music, providing a powerful,
immersively hypnotic experience.

Originally from England and Belgium respectively, Dplanet and spo0ky have lived in South Africa for many years. South Africa has a rich musical heritage and a troubled political past that continues to effect the lives of the majority of the population to this day. Pure Solid find inspiration in both, which they explore through their audio visual work.

In 2012, Pure Solid released an album with South African rapper Ben Sharpa called '4th Density Light Show'. The album was released on French label, Jarring Effects. They completed their first European tour in 2012, where they opened for Roots Manuva, Dope DOD, Porter Robinson and Filastine.

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